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You can find the jars for sale in some shops. They make good pickles with a mild caper flavor.

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Of all Mediterranean places, capers are most appreciated in Sicily, where they have countless uses. They go easily with a broad range of flavors. Most often, they are combined with garlic and cured anchovies; they go equally well with tomato, green olives, celery, and herbs, such as basil, oregano, thyme, and parsley. For eating simply with bread, before a meal, in places in northern Italy the rinsed and drained capers are soaked for an hour in good red wine vinegar, drained again, and excellent olive oil is added to cover.

Capers are used either raw or cooked, but not cooked too much or they lose their character. Capers in dry salt taste best within a year of the harvest.

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Look for ones that are moist and plump and surrounded by white salt, not the yellowish salt that indicates age. Sometimes you can find them at a low price in pound or kilo bags.

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Keep them in a sealed jar at room temperature out of the light. Caperberries are harvested with their stems attached like little olives, and they are cured in vinegar like capers.

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You can eat them whole, including the seeds, but remove the stems first. Both caperberries and capers can even go into a martini cocktail in place of the olive. And speaking of cocktails, caperberries make a terrific garnish for a Bloody Mary.

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    How to pickle capers at home

    Capers in Mediterranean Cuisine. Capers vs. Substitutes for Capers. Along the Mediterranean, native wild capers have been part of local cuisines for millennia.

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