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Multiple perceptions of the same symbolic space do exist. Those who study the meaning of words semioticians speak of words occupying a "semiotic space. Space is neither constant nor completely universaL For me, "chicken" might be more like a bird, more near the center than a "sparrow.

I knew my frien':' ronomous of me althou:; When I was a child I used to play with a wide range of "imaginary" friends. Once I imagined them into being put them in a body , I the phYSical sense c:' , could relax the control of my imagination and let them act as entities in nation is more their own right. I would like to The adult mage simply develops this perceptual sense of imagination. It is with this sixth sense that a mage "sees" spirits, auras, and the like. The active mode-to create.

Many poorly ment of simple trained mages or would-be witches unintentionally imagine their own travel cannot be eas:.

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They recommend practicing until magical of yourself that v,:tl] As far as my research can tell, such practice ical world. One sucr, '. First, the brain will actually translate imagined palace. This is the perceptions into the appropriate sense if trained to do so. Another possibility is that one is a house these people really do see something odd with their physical eyes, but tially according to the they're not actually seeing what they believe they are seeing. Like many of our senses.

Isreal Regardie's The hermetic temple. You can use imagination to create things in the so-called "astral plane" plane of formation. In this non place, ideas take on substance and substance exists only as a reflection of ideas. People go here when they astral travel. This is one reason why astral travel cannot be easily used to, say, spy on the locker room at the local health club. Other more interesting uses for the plane of formation make visiting it worthwhile, despite the poor prospects of voyeurism.

One such way to begin this work is to create an astral temple or palace. This is the place you can go to focus on yourself. Eventually, you can use the temple to perform rituals in your imagination. This technique is especially convenient if you have limited physical space. Design the space along symbolic lines-it is standard to have each room represent a part of the body, but hardly the only design available. A friend of mine works on a disk of stone floating in space. Ultimately, you must suit your temple to your needs and tastes.

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I advise you to start with a simple temple or workroom containing the things you'll need. For ideas on how to design such a room, you can comb Israel Regardie's The Golden Dawn or you can integrate ideas found in fiction or fantasy. Isreal Regardie's The Golden Da1ol1n contains illustrations and descriptiOns of a traditional hermetic temple. Now, imagine yourself standing at the entrance of your temple.

For some, this will be a front door or gate, or it might be a hole in the ground or a cave. Alternately, you might start in the middle of the temple, at an altar or sacred fire. Some people like a tunnel or set of stairs to travel along as a means to prepare for the work to come, while others like to begin right away. In any event, slowly connect each sense to the place you have created. What does it taste like? Smell like? What do you hear? How does it feel to be there? You may find it helpful to talk aloud about what you sense.

If something does not suit you, change it. The changes you make almost always remain solid, even if you're not concentrating on them.

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When you return from your journey, get some markers, paints, or crayons to make a drawing of the room-especially if you think you cannot draw. Likewise, you might want to write about the place if you think you cannot write. A physical temple can be very useful, and doesn't have to be permanent. It's very easy to make a break-down temple.

If there is a sword hanging on the wall, for example, you may hang a picture of a sword or knife on the wall of your physical temple. Like a muscle, it gets stronger with practice. These changes conscious. Anyone Lei:: If the idea of such a large project appeals to you, go for it. If, for example, you find a hammer on your altar, it may indicate that you are concerned with the proper spiritual use of force. In one way. The "just imaginary" can hurt you if you are not careful. So be careful. Such attacks are rare, so do not let fear of them prevent you from creating a temple. Perhaps I've given the impression that magic is nothing much special, that it's commonplace and anyone can do it.

It may be wise to digress here, and clarify. But is indeed something special. I happen to think magic is part of my purpose.

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It's part of what it means to be human: to truly perceive. Magical skills may be commonplace, but this does not mean magic is commonplace. Magic, like any other art, is than the sum of its parts. Introspection In itself. All introspection does is reflect yourself back to yourself. Yet, this is much more valuable than it may seem.

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A traveler might scorn the map in favor of the road, but when the traveler is lost, the map is precious! Imagination can deceive you by creating the thing you want to perceive. It can tell you, for example, that someone's aura is welcoming when it's actually forbidding; or that you've conquered some Herculean task when actually you conquered nothing but a fantasy.

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To prevent this, you have to know how to examine yourself and your experiences, how to stand back and take a good hard look at yourself. But not too hard. The error most people make when introspecting is being too hard on themselves. I advocate total honesty in introspection. In fact, without total honesty, it's not introspection. But I stress honesty not because people are too soft. I know I am. I no longer rehearse tomorrow's! Self-criticism is useful for our spiritual growth, but self-abuse is not.

I find the best way to introspect is on paper. But on paper, the words stand solid in front of you, and you can see them for what they are. I have added my own touches to it, though. If you wish to examine the original techniques, the bibliography contains resources. A study of psychology, I always insist, is invaluable for a practicing mage. You may fir. Perhaps f' perhaps over time yot:. Also, see bibliography entries for recommended reading. For a more in,depth Good: The New Mood. But for now, choose a troubling thought.

Do not under any circumstances write down a feeling. Write the thought causing the feeling. For example, writing "I feel terrible" is useless, as is "I hate my job. Now, examine this thought for logical fallacies and weaknesses. I enjoy working downtown.