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Keeping your knowledge up to scratch is an extremely difficult task given the hours and energy needed! But now you can relax, the Performance Digest is exactly what you need! Our aim is to provide high-quality information on all topics relating to sports performance. Want to position yourself as an industry expert in all parts of the World? Then join our esteemed team and make that dream a reality. Olympic Weightlifting Use this article to expand your knowledge around Olympic Weightlifting and understand how it can be useful for sports!

The Answer: The Performance Digest. By Owen Walker 09 Apr 5 min read. Why is Olympic Weightlifting useful for Sports?

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Summary Olympic Weightlifting exercises are reported to be a common component in the strength and conditionin g programmes of many high school and professional athletes. What is Olympic Weightlifting? The two primary reasons Olympic Weightlifting is so popular amongst strength and conditioning coaches are for: Power Development strength-speed Biomechanical similarities to sporting movements kinematic and kinetic. They train the strength-speed component of the force-velocity curve. They produce tremendous levels of explosive force and power.

Have shown relationships with jump and sprint performances.

Common Misconceptions of Olympic Lifting For Athletes

Have been shown to improve jump, sprint and balance performances. Have been shown to have a direct relationship with the rate of force development. These being: The rapid drop-under movement which requires an athlete to move from full triple extension into triple flexion similar to the athletic position in an extremely short period of time milliseconds 30, The high eccentric peak force and rate of development experienced during the heavy eccentric loading of the catch phase.

Potential postural strength and stability developments gained from the catch phases — particularly from the Snatch. Practical Application Having read the previous sections, it is clear why strength and conditioning coaches will often use Olympic Weightlifting to improve athletic performance.

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  • The Scientific Rationale for Incorporating Olympic Weightlifting to Enhance Sports Performance!

Should I use Olympic Weightlifting or not? Arguments for using Olympic Weightlifting Demands high neuromuscular coordination and control Biomechanical similar to jumping Improve movement efficiency and effectiveness Large force and power characteristics Been proven to improve jump, sprint, and balance performances Trains a particular section on the force-velocity curve e. Time-consuming to coach The associated risk with moving heavy loads at high speeds Expensive equipment Requires a large amount of space Other exercises can be used to train strength-speed e.

Lu Xiaojun – 2017 Chinese National Games Weightlifting

Loaded jump squats This issue between Olympic Weightlifting and their dynamic correspondence arises when the movement and their application of forces are analysed in further detail. There are three primary biomechanical differences between Olympic Weightlifting and the high jump take-off: Force application differences horizontal and vertical Unilateral high jump take-off vs.

Dose-relationships to performance. Conclusion Although the concept of using Olympic Weightlifting exercises as a method of improving sport athleticism is not new, there has only been a growing body of research in the past several years. What now? Reference List click here to open Hori, M. National Strength and Conditioning Association, 27 4 , pp.

Cooper, M.

Why Another Olympic Weightlifting Article?

Wendell, and J. Comparison of Olympic vs. Strength Cond. Byrd, J. Tew, and M. Relationship between anaerobic power and Olympic weightlifting performance. Sports Med. Strength and conditioning practices of United States high school strength and conditioning coaches. J Strength Cond Res 23 8 : —, Strength and conditioning practice of National Football League strength and conditioning coaches Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research , 15, pp.

Strength and conditioning practice of National Basketball Association strength and conditioning coaches. J Strength Cond Res —, Strength and conditioning practice of National Hockey League strength and conditioning coaches. Complex training revisited: A review of its current status as a viable training approach. Strength Cond J, 27 4 , pp. Application of strength diagnosis. Sports Sci. Research , 6 3 : Rossi, B. Justice, E. Haff, E. Pistilli, H.

Olympic Weightlifting for Sports – Catalyst Athletics

Stone, and G. Peak force and rate of force development during isometric and dynamic mid-thigh clean pulls performed at various intensities. A biomechanical comparison of the traditional squat, powerlifting squat, and box squat. J StrengthCond Res 26 7 : —, Kinematic and kinetic analysis of maximal velocity deadlifts performed with and without the inclusion of chain resistance.

Kinetic comparisons during variations of the power clean. J Strength Cond Res 25 12 : —, Reliability of performance measurements derived from ground reaction force data during countermovement jump and the influence of sampling frequency. Triplett-McBride, A. Davie, and R.


The effect of heavy- vs. Olympic weightlifting and plyometric training with children provides similar or greater performance improvements than traditional resistance training. J Strength Cond Res 28 6 : —, Does performance of hang power clean differentiate performance of jumping, sprinting, and changing of direction? Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 22 2 , pp.

Smith, M. Hartman, R. Morris, D. Ciroslan, K. Pierce, R. Newton, E. Harman, W. Sands, and M. The relationship between vertical jump power estimates and weightlifting ability: A field-test approach. Eccentric rate of force development determines jumping performance. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering , 16 1 , pp. Countermovement jump height: Gender and sport-specific differences in the forcetime variables.

The role of rate of force development on vertical jump performance.

A False Belief

Kinematic and kinetic comparisons of elite and well-trained sprinters during sprint start. The importance of isometric maximum strength and peak rate-of-force development in sprint cycling. J Strength Cond Res 18 4 : —, The relationship between isometric force-time curve characteristics and club head speed in recreational golfers. Force-time dependent characteristics of dynamic and isometric muscle actions.

J Strength Cond Res — , Garrett, and L.

https://alcor.mkweb.ru/public/114-comment-acheter.php The weight training lifts of bench press, deadlift and squat exercise form the basis of the sport of powerlifting. Another weightlifting sport, kettlebell lifting , evolved from a training exercise in Russia to become an emerging worldwide sport. There are also many traditional weightlifting sports that are still found today.

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